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The ideal car

Greenwheels's mission is to "make streets more liveable." We achieve this by offering a sustainable alternative to car ownership: with shared cars. In so doing, we create more space in cities and on our roads. And that is exactly what we've been doing for the past 25 years

The Greenwheels effect


The impact is substantial and there is still plenty of margin for improvement! Every Greenwheels car is shared by 25 drivers on average, reducing the number of cars on our streets by 14. Reducing the number of cars on the streets frees up space on our streets for fun things and reduces CO2 emissions. Greenwheels makes users take a more efficient and conscious approach to mobility. There are still plenty of cities where we can make a difference. Want to know more about the Greenwheels effect?


Car sharing since 1995


Together with Pon and Volkswagen Leasing, Greenwheels ensures that our customers drive comfortable, energy-efficient and safe cars. Currently our shared car fleet consists of Volkswagen up!, Golf Variant, Caddy and electric cars. It all started as early as 1995. We were convinced that we could make much better use of the space that was occupied by unused cars. On 21 June 1995, the very first Greenwheels car set wheel on Dutch soil in a Rotterdam parking garage. In 1997, Greenwheels joined forces with the NS, the start of a long-standing and good partnership. Instead of replacing another form of transport, a shared car is an addition to the network. We soon expanded our network to 33 Dutch cities. In 2004, Greenwheels entered the German market, following the acquisition of StattAuto and Shelldrive. In 2015, Volkswagen Financial Services and Pon Holdings acquired a stake in Greenwheels for the further (international) roll-out of the concept.


At the moment our fleet consits out of 2.800 (electric) cars in 185 cities.

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Social responsibility

As a car-sharing provider, we're convinced that we can only successfully implement our business model in the future by acting responsibly and looking at the long term. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are not trends, but part of our Greenwheels DNA. They are central to our vision (a car for everyone) and mission (making streets more liveable). An example of this is our whistle blower system.

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We find working together to improve the quality of life in cities very important. That is why we have a long-standing partnership with Dutch Railways (NS). You can now find Greenwheels cars at over 110 train stations. We also have partnerships with the following mobility providers: Next, Radiuz, Mobiliteitsfabriek and Shuttel. We hope to reach even more people like this and inspire to take a smarter approach to mobility.