Deelauto instappen op reis jonge vrouw

A car when you need it

Head out with one of our 2.150 shared cars whenever you want. Save on car costs and stop worrying about maintenance, parking and insurance.

How it works

Over 2.150 cars at your disposal throughout the Netherlands

Check which cars are located near you. You'll find them on our Dutch city streets and at 130+ train stations.

Always near you and without the hassle or costs of car ownership


You can drive one of our cars whenever you want, as there is always one located near you. By using Greenwheels car sharing, you skip the costly trips to your local garage or fixed costs that come with car ownership. Use the Greenwheels app to book, open and close the car in no time at all.


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“The Greenwheels car is almost always available and that is why I keep my subscription, even though I don't use it that often.”
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“Top service, plenty of cars around, even in my street. I would almost consider selling my own car and switch to this sustainable and cheaper option.”
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“If you have 5 cars at your disposal within a radius of 200 meters, then I can only be enthusiastic.”

The easiness of a car near you, exactly when you need it. A great addition to a (rental) bike and public transport. 

Use one of our familiar red or white cars. They come in all shapes and sizes such as city cars, estate cars, electric cars and vans. You'll find them on our Dutch city streets and at 130+ train stations throughout the Netherlands.

How it works

Greenwheels takes care of everything for you. From maintenance to insurance.

Save yourself the hassle and the cost of maintenance, depreciation, insurance, parking and refuelling. Choose a subscription without fixed fees or a subscription with super-low monthly rates.

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Greenwheels, over 25 years of experience in car sharing

You can always rely on Greenwheels. Our cars are well-maintained and cared for. And if anything happens, our 24/7 service has your back.

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Switch to corporate car sharing

With Greenwheels you can opt for an exclusive car sharing program just for your company. Besides the exclusive cars, your employees will receive access to our 2.150 Greenwheels cars, waiting for you on the Dutch streets.

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