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Greenwheels partners

Greenwheels believes in strong partnerships. We are working hard, together with our partners, to achieve our mission to improve the quality of life in cities.

Meet our partners

Greenwheels believes in strong partnerships. Our partners allow us to combine our shared cars with other mobility options such as public transport, whether the cars are shared publicly or within a fleet. In so doing, we offer private and corporate customers an easy and flexible mobility solution.

NS Deur Tot Deur Campagne Greenwheels op bezoek bij oma met deelauto

Door to door with Greenwheels and NS


Checking out at the train station and directly checking in again in a Greenwheels car? Easily done with the Greenwheels app! Your OV chip card or the NS Business Card is your car key. 

Together we strive for optimal and sustainable transport. That is why everyone with an NS subscription receives €25.00 driving credit when subscribing at Greenwheels. Use the following code NSvoordeelGW via the app or My Greenwheels.

Volkswagen up!

PON the partner for your car


Greenwheels continually upgrades its car fleet by adding new Volkswagen up!’s, Golf Variants and Caddy’s. Our fleet has become even more sustainable following the addition of electric e-Golfs and e-up!s. We partnered with PON and Volkswagen Leasing for this. Together we ensure that our customers can drive more comfortable, energy-efficient and safer cars. 

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Shuttel app gebruik mobiliteitskaart koffie vrouw op zakenreis

Travelling made easy with public transport, bicycles, cars and taxis using the Shuttel mobility car


Shuttel offers various mobility services through its platform. In addition to the popular tram and train services, Shuttel has partnered with Greenwheels to make shared cars available to its customers. Shuttel customers can use their Shuttel pass to unlock all Greenwheels cars.

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Mobility hubs with Hely 


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Flexibel travel with the platform of Mobiliteitsfabriek


Mobiliteitsfabriek provides a platform with several mobility services, which providers can use to develop their own service. As the only provider of a national network of shared cars, Greenwheels works closely with Mobiliteitsfabriek to make Greenwheels cars available to all its customers.

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XXImo, freedom in mobility


More freedom for your employees,  more grip on your mobility. Companies and organisations also have the opportunity to set up their own shared car fleet or offer their employees a mobility budget. XXImo and Greenwheels will help you with a smarter mobility policy. 

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