How it works

  • Pick a rate that suits you the most
  • Private or corporate
  • Easy booking: use the Greenwheels app and off you go!

How it works: Car sharing with Greenwheels

1) Pick a rate that suits you and sign up

Rates start at € 0 per month. That way you only pay for your actual use of the car. 


We offer rates for both private and corporate usage.

2) Find and book a car

When you need to make a trip, use the Greenwheels app or this website to book a car. Select a location and the most suitable type of car for your needs. A compact car for in the city, a sustainable electric car or one with a bit more space. 

3) Returning the car

Each Greenwheels car has a designated location. This is where you pick up the car and where you return it after your trip. That way there’s always an available place for you to park.



Included as standard

Whatever you need a vehicle for: you can stop the search right here. Join online for free and hop in the drivers seat whenever you need or want to. We take care of:


  • Fuel costs included
  • Cleaning the car
  • Maintenance and technical inspections
  • Damage claims and repairs, though there is an excess
  • Road tax and insurance
  • Roadside assistance

And offer you: 

  • Rates that suit your needs
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Various types of cars: electric, estate car, vans...
  • Flexibility: drive as much or as little as you want

These types of shared cars are available to you


As well as our familiar red compact cars our fleet has now been expanded to include electric cars, estates, vans and many company cars. Each Greenwheels plan provides access to all these cars. This goes for both private and corporate usage. Have a look at all Greenwheels cars.



Assistance and instructions


Here you can find an overview of all instructions about car sharing with Greenwheels.

Greenwheels in short


Greenwheels is a car sharing concept. You've probably seen these red cars with white circles on the street at one time or another. Nowadays there are white electric cars as well. The way it works is simple: just create a Greenwheels account, download the app and use this to book and unlock a car. Each car has its own fixed designated location where you pick it up and return it after your trip. Maintenance, cleaning, that designated spot, fuel card and more are all included. It's all taken care of by Greenwheels. Choose your transportation wisely and go green when you can. And if anything goes wrong, we're there to answer your call 24/7.

Frequently asked questions


If you decide to sign up for a Greenwheels plan, the following items are useful to know. We are there for you 24/7. You can contact us with questions, comments or if you are in need of roadside assistance. 

What's the deposit with Greenwheels?

When you sign up with Greenwheels, we'll ask you for a deposit of € 100 (for Business Go and Business Pro, the deposit is € 250). If you choose your credit card as a payment method, we'll reserve this amount on your card. For iDeal, the amount will be debited as a one-off. If you unsubscribe, you'll get this back, as long as you've kept up all your payments.

You can read more about the deposit here.

What is the difference between carsharing and car rental?

Car rental is somewhat different from car sharing. We would like to explain it with some examples:

- Greenwheels can be found at 2.800 locations throughout the Netherlands. That is why there is often a car in your area that you can take with you whenever you want. So you don't have to go to a car rental company first to pick up a car there.

- You can open a Greenwheels car with the Greenwheels app or your OV chip card. There is no key handover required.

- A Greenwheels car is available to you 24 hours a day. You are not bound by office opening times. You can also book and take a Greenwheels car in the middle of the night.

- Flexible reservation: you can reserve and use a car from only 15 minutes.

- Fuel is included. There is a fuel or charge card in every Greenwheels car.