Man belt bij elektrische Greenwheels auto bij NS-station

Corporate car sharing

  • Always a car available thanks to over 2.800 cars on the streets and at 170 train stations ​
  • Greenwheels is used by more than 1,000 freelancers and 2,000 organisations
  • Business car sharing = flexibility: need twice as many cars next week? No problem!

Personalised mobility for everyone: freelance, SMEs and large organisations


Meet the ideal business shared car. A car that's always there for you, wherever you are. There are thousands of shared cars waiting for you throughout the Netherlands. Big and small. Business car sharing is extremely suitable for freelancers and self-employed professionals, but also for municipalities, SMEs and larger organisations.


Your own fleet throughout the Netherlands

Do you work mostly from home? Only need a car a few times a month? Do you have extremely busy weeks followed by *crickets*? Choose business car sharing. It's clearer, affordable and sustainable.


Not a (car) care in the world

By using Greenwheels shared cars, your company doesn't have to worry about a thing when it comes to car mobility. Let your colleagues travel flexibly and sustainably, we have a car when you need it.

An employer that considers the environment

With lots of people working from home, a lease car for everyone is something of the past. Your staff and/or co-workers have a greater need for flexible mobility. Opt for shared mobility. It's better for the environment, cheaper than lease cars and it certainly means more choice for your colleagues.



Benefits of business car sharing, it's hassle free!


With business car sharing you don't have to worry about maintenance, insurance, depreciation and fuel receipts. Choosing Greenwheels Business means your choosing 'hassle free mobility'. More than 1,000 freelancers and 2,000 companies now use Greenwheels car sharing for business purposes. We list a number of advantages:


  • A car within walking distance when you need it. In more than 185 cities and at 170 train and P+R stations
  • Flexible travel: an ideal addition to public transport, cycling and own (lease) cars
  • All costs on one VAT invoice: never claim a kilometer again
  • Plan and reserve weeks in advance or up to 1 minute before departure
  • Admin made easy; add your own notes for accountability
  • Whether you have one or dozens of colleagues, simply invite them all
  • Multiple administrators for your corporate account
  • With our unique After Hours Alert alert you have full control and access
  • Everything's taken care off. No worries about maintenance, insurance, fuel receipts, key management, fines, ride administration and cleaning. It's stress-free and secure.
  • Advantageous rates for several days or a whole week
  • Flexible account; can be canceled monthly
  • Safe cars: large and small, electric and fuel available to all
  • Add reservations to your calendar from the app or booking confirmation email
  • Combine trips by using a mobility card (NS Businesscard, Shuttel or Reisbalans).


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This is how business car sharing works


Start today with Greenwheels Business. Hit the road with our simple, quick and sustainable solution.

Get the app and log in

Invite your colleague, He/she/they adds his/her/their driver's license and links an OV-chipkaart or chooses a Greenwheels card. They can book and drive directly via the app.

Freelancer? You can start right after you've registered.

Reserve and drive

Simply choose a car nearby on the map. Reservations can be made well in advance up to a few minutes before departure. Open the car directly from the app or with the linked card. In the car, take the on-board computer from the glove compartment, enter the pin code, take the key and start the car.

Park and lock the car

At the end of the ride, you return the car to your own designated location. The kilometres, driver's name and duration of the journey are clearly displayed on the VAT invoice.



Let's make streets more liveable together


It's not the act of one, it's the act of many: together we can truly make a difference. Greenwheels drivers, both private and business, ensure that - on average - 11 cars per 1 Greenwheels car can be taken off the streets! This creates space for the better things in life, reduces CO2 emissions and makes it so that we use cars much more efficiently.


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Greenwheels partners


We believe in strong partnerships. Our partners allow us to combine our shared cars with other mobility options such as public transport, whether the cars are shared publicly or within a fleet. That way, we can offer your company a full-service, flexible mobility solution to fit all your employees.