Greenwheels en de NS openbaar vervoer jonge vrouw bij NS station Holland Spoor

Corporate car sharing

  • Always a car available thanks to over 2.400 cars on the streets and at 135 train stations ​
  • Option to share cars exclusively within your company​
  • Pay per use, not for car ownership
  • Everything taken care of, all on a single invoice
“Greenwheels offers us the possibility to use our own cars with the NS Business card for more flexibility”

Custom solutions for everyone: from the self-employed to large corporations

We always have a solution to fit your mobility needs. Make use of our 2.400 publicly shared cars or opt to share cars exclusively within your company. From converting your company cars to enable sharing to a brand-new shared electric car; we’re happy to help.​

Exclusive Greenwheels
Exclusive car sharing within your company

From exclusive electric cars to making your current fleet share-ready.  Select the mobility solution that is most efficient for your employees.


A solution to fit your company

Do you want a Greenwheels fleet exclusive to your company or do you prefer to have your employees make use of our 2.400 publicly shared cars? Please contact us for personal advice.

Everything taken care of. Only pay for what you use

Maintenance, insurance, fuel receipts. Greenwheels takes care of everything for you.


  • Corporate drivers can always make use of our fleet of publicly shared cars. Over 2.400 cars throughout the Netherlands;
  • One invoice covers all charges. Your employees need never declare another mile;
  • Multiple admins for your corporate account;
  • Whether you’ve got 1 or 500 colleagues, simply invite them all; 
  • Everything is taken care of. Don’t worry about car maintenance, insurance, fuel receipts, key management, fines, ride administration and cleaning.  
  • With our unique After Hours Alert you have full control and access; 
  • We have a wide range of custom solutions available; from an exclusive fleet just for your employees to converting your current lease vehicles. 

Your own fleet of shared cars

Convert your current company cars or make use of new (electric) shared cars from Greenwheels. Add your own corporate branding. It’s all possible. On average, Greenwheels corporate customers can eliminate 11 lease cars for each Greenwheels shared car. 

Full service. Everything is taken care of for your company

From service appointments and insurance to fuel receipts. We handle everything related to fleet management. You receive a single invoice with a clear overview each month. 

Offer you employees flexible transport with access to a car as needed

With 2.400 Greenwheels cars throughout the Netherlands and at 135 train stations, your employees always have access to a car if they need one. An ideal addition to bicycles, public transport and their own (lease) cars.

Greenwheels partners


Greenwheels believes in strong partnerships. Our partners allow us to combine our shared cars with other mobility options such as public transport, whether the cars are shared publicly or within a fleet. That way, we can offer your company a full-service, flexible mobility solution to fit all your employees