Terms and conditions


At Greenwheels we like transparency and simplicity. We also think it is important to arrange certain matters properly. We do this in our general Terms & Conditions. By registering to use our services, you agree to these terms. You can find our current terms and conditions below. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us.

The main rules


You use and share Greenwheels cars with other people, so it is a good idea to read through all the Terms and Conditions to know exactly what you are agreeing to. We have summarised the main terms, conditions, and rules below:


  • Signing up You can only sign up for Greenwheels if you are 18 or older. You can book and drive a Greenwheels car if your driver’s license has been checked, you have accepted the Terms & Conditions, we have accepted you as a driver and the deposit has been debited from your account. Only registered drivers are allowed use Greenwheels cars.
  • Login credentials Every driver must have their own account. You are not allowed to share your login credentials with others or allow someone else to use your account. With your login credentials, you can book and access cars using the Greenwheels app, the Greenwheels card or a public transport chip card. If you use Greenwheels through one of our partner's apps, you can also access the car with that partner's app.
  • Report a damaged or a dirty car before driving. Before you start the car, check it for damage and defects. To report that your car is damaged or dirty, use the Greenwheels app or get in touch with our customer service department.
  • Obey traffic rules. You are liable for fines incurred during or as a result of your trip, e.g. for speeding, traffic violations or illegal parking. We charge an admin fee for every fine you incur.
  • You are literally and figuratively behind the wheel. During your trip, you are responsible for a car, even if you break down or if the car is damaged. You never smoke in the car and make sure it stays neat and tidy. If you run into any problems, you contact us right away. If the car is damaged during your trip, if you cannot return the car on time, if you cannot park the car in the designated Greenwheels location or if the car does not lock properly please call our customer service department.
  • Return the Greenwheels car on time. You can extend your booking in the Greenwheels app, on the website, or by calling the customer service department. You will not always be able to extend your booking indefinitely, because someone else may have booked the car. You can also end a current booking earlier, depending on your chosen rate, this is free of charge (up to a few hours).
  • Return the Greenwheels to its designated parking location and make sure it has plenty of fuel or that it's connected to an activated charging station. To finish your trip, park the car in the designated location with plenty of fuel (at least a quarter tank) or hook it up to the activated charging station, lock the car with the Greenwheels app, the Greenwheels card, a public transport chip card or a partner app, return the car key to the on-board computer and make sure the car is available for the next customer at the agreed time. Is the designated location of your Greenwheels car occupied? Then use our parking help in the app and follow the steps.
  • Bi-monthly billing Based on your bookings and trips, we will send you an invoice twice a month. If you do not pay your invoices on time, we can temporarily or permanently block your account.
  • No one wants to pay more. If you violate these terms and conditions, we are entitled to charge you an admin fee, as stated on the website and in these T&Cs.