Meierijstad chooses shareble poolcars from Greenwheels


Meierijstad - a merger of the city councils of Shijndel, Veghel and St. Oedenrode - uses 12 Volkswagens Up! as shareble poolcars for their 600 employees. Meierijstad chooses an innovative mobilityconcept and fleetmanagement without the concerns of the past.

"As a result of the merger between Schijndel, Veghel and St. Oedenrode new  needs were created for our fleet. We wanted to offer our employees a fitting alternative for their business trips'' explaines Marijke Wilms, council seceraty.

“Thanks to the clever business carshare solutions from Greenwheels, the planning of the poolcars is now completely automatic and we don't have to worry about the management and maintenance of our fleet.”

Exclusive shared cars for corporate customers

Greenwheels Exclusive shared cars offers organisations a new, fitting alternative for the traditional company car that is not used for most of the day. Greenwheels' clever sharingconcept offers corporate customers a solution to use, plan and manage their fleet efficiently. For example, Greenwheels will manage your fleet for you and makes sure that maintenance, car damages, cleaning, taxes and insurance are all dealt with.

Choose corporate carsharing

We always have a solution for the monility needs of your organisation. You can use our 1850 cars on the street or exclusive clever shared cars. Simply request a free consult.

Clear and broadly useble thanks to the unique connection with NS-Business Card

Keymanagement is no longer needed with Greenwheels. With the Greenwheels app and the NS-Business Card, employees will have access to the cars and the boardcomputer which contains the carkey. Furthermore, there will be administrative clearity with a montly invoice. Meierijstad has chosen the NS-Business Card for their mobility needs and to encourage the use of public transport.


Ease and simplicity for corporate drivers

The Greenwheels solution of exclusive shared cars does not only offer companies an innovative fleetmanagementconcept, it gives drivers an easy online way - via the special app or website -  to book a car. Opening the car is simple with either the Greenwheels app of with the NS-Business Card. 


Besides the 12 compact Volkswagens Up! that were deliverd to Meierijstad, Greenwheels offers other types of shared cars as well. For example the VW Golf Variant, VW E-Golf or the VW Caddy. It is also possible share other types of cars, depending on the wishes of your organisation..

A perfect solution. For city councils, and all types of companies

We always have the mobility solution for you. Use one of our 1850 shared cars on the street of opt for exclusive shared cars.

Public Greenwheels
Flexible subscriptions starting from €10 per month

Use the largest national network of shared cars without the hassle of maintenance, insurance or cleaning the cars yourself. We have a subscription type for every corporate driver.

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