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A car for every purpose

Whether you need an energy-efficient, compact city car (VW Up!), an estate car (Golf), an electric shared car (e-Golf), or a van (Caddy), thanks to Greenwheels you can always choose the car you need. At Greenwheels you can use all the car types with any subscription, ensuring you can choose a car that's fit for your purpose

Greenwheels Volkswagen up

Compact and energy-efficient city car

The red Volkswagen up! is our best-known shared car. It can seat four and fit maximum two suitcases in the boot. A zippy little car for shopping or a fun day trip

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Greenwheels Volkswagen Caddy


Our Volkswagen Caddy is a great option for transporting larger items. You can also use it as a delivery van. It has two front seats and plenty of space in the back, with a load volume of 3.2 m³ and a payload of 803 kg

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Golf Volkswagen eGolf Side

Electric shared cars

Thanks to Greenwheels's e-Golf, electric driving now is also an option. Perfect for a short business meeting, but also a great alternative for a day out. Learn more about how electric cars work and drive.

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Greenwheels Volkswagen Golf Variant

Larger estate car

The Golf Variant is spacious and very comfortable. This is a great car for a fun day out with the family, to the beach for example. Just store your surfboard in the boot!

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Safe, with all the mod cons


All Greenwheels cars have:


  • ISOFIX for your little one's car seat
  • An MP3 (AUX) input
  • Radio
  • All-season tires
  • Airconditioning (except for some vans)
  • Their own reserved parking space
  • Fuelcard
  • ANWB Roadside assistence

Regular maintenance and cleaning of Greenwheels cars

Fleetchecker Banden Check Bandenspanning controle apk


The cars are regularly serviced. They also have all-season tires and come with ANWB roadside assistance in case of an accident or if the car breaks down.

Greenest Carwash up wassen zonder water

Waterless car washing

Our sustainable partner Greenest Carwash cleans our cars on location without water, using biodegradable products. By cleaning all our cars in this way, we save up to 350 l of water per car every month.

Frequently asked questions

How does refueling work?

When the tank is less than a quarter full, it is time to refuel. If you don't do this, you risk a fine. To refuel you need the PIN code of the fuel card and the mileage of the car. You must enter it at the checkout. You can also find these in the app.

1. Before refueling, always record the number of kilometers on the odometer. You must enter this number at the checkout.
2. When you have switched off the engine, remove the debit card from the on-board computer.
3. The PIN code will then appear on the display.
4. Open the fuel cap with the ignition key. You will find refueling instructions on the back of the fuel cap.
5. After paying for the fuel card, put it back in the on-board computer.

You can read more about refuelling here

How do I open the car with the app?

You can open a car via the app. When your reservation starts, open the app. You click on your upcoming reservation on the main screen. Click on 'Start your ride' and swipe up to open the car. If you want to close the car, click on 'end your trip' and then swipe down. If you open the car with the app, you do not have to enter a pin code on the on-board computer. If you open the car with a card, you still have to enter your pin code. Every Greenwheels customer can make use of this. The speed at which the car opens has to do with your internet connection. Sometimes it can take a few seconds after clicking the 'open car' button and the car actually opening. Note: make sure you always have your Greenwheels public transport chip card with you in case the car does not open with the app.

What insurance are you covered by with Greenwheels?

Every car is insured, including Personal Accident Insurance ('Ongevallen-inzittendenverzekering').


This means that harm is covered for both the driver/passengers and third parties. Any possessions you take with you in the car are not covered by this insurance. Greenwheels can't be held liable for theft of or damage to these possessions either.


There's a fixed excess for damage to the Greenwheels car, which you can reduce for each journey.  In the event of damage during your ride, the deductible per claim is € 350 as standard. You have the option to lower your deductible to € 75 for € 4 per reservation. You can do this in your account. For older contracts, an excess of € 225 applies.

When can I book a car?

You can make a reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can make a reservation up to six months in advance to a minute in advance. You can make a reservation via the website or via the Greenwheels app.

Can I take a Greenwheels car abroad?

You can do this within Europe without further permission.

If you're leaving Europe, you'll need to ask for permission for this when making your reservation. You need to report your journey abroad 24 hours in advance using the contact form. If you're making your journey within 24 hours or if you're going to Ghent in Belgium, then please call our customer service on 088-2100100. For Ghent, we need to ask permission to drive into the city owing to environmental rules. That's why we need to tell Ghent 24 hours in advance that a car will be coming to the city. If we don't do that, we'll be fined €150.

You can also get by more cheaply with the Langer Weg ('Longer Stay') rates. This way, you'll pay a fixed but lower rate for using a car for a day, a week or a weekend. You can read more about how that works here.

There are a few other conditions for travelling abroad:

The refuelling card won't work abroad, so you'll need to fill up yourself and send the refuelling receipt to us using the contact form.

If you break down on the road, you can call upon the ANWB Roadside Assistance just as you would in the Netherlands. We can be contacted 24 hours a day on: 088-2100100 to co-ordinate this together. From abroad, you can call +31-10-4113121 (international rate, prices will differ per country).

When settling the damages in the event of a collision, you may be asked for proof of insurance or the green card, as it's known. In this case, we can send these details to the applicable insurer or police station.

You can find more practical information on tolls, traffic rules, travel documents and other matters on the ANWB's website (in Dutch).

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