Secure your account


Staying safe with Greenwheels means more than keeping both hands on the wheel. It’s also about keeping your Greenwheels account safe and secure. Cyber criminals are after everything valuable, including your personal data and login details. Scammers and cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new tricks to gain access to online accounts. The same goes for your Greenwheels account. 


This page is all about how you can recognise potential scams and secure your account.  

Together against fraud

Choose a strong and unique password

Keeping your data confidential and secure is very important. That’s why Greenwheels has its privacy policy. However, we can’t keep your data secure without your help. You can do your part by choosing a strong, unique password (i.e. a different password for every account).


Tips for a secure password 

  • A strong password consists of 10 or more characters. Size matters more than complexity. 
  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters as well as digits and special characters. 
  • Avoid obvious passwords, such as names or dates of birth. 
  • Use a different, unique password for each website or account.
  • Change your password regularly, including the password for you e-mail account. 
  • Regularly check whether your data were found in a data breach - good places to look include, or


If necessary, use a password manager (like 1Password, Bitwarden or Keepass) to remember your passwords and keep them secure. Password managers can also exchange login details across all your devices, including your phone, computer and web browser. Change password >

Protect your personal data

If you get in touch with our customer service or other Greenwheels employees, it’s important to know that we’ll never ask you for personal information. Official Greenwheels employees have access to certain data they need in order to assist you, like reservation details. Under no circumstances do we ask for your password. When you're a private user, we never ask for bank details, such as your account number, either.

Protect your PIN

The PIN you use to unlock the car is strictly personal. Never share this code with others and keep it private. A Greenwheels employee will never ask for your PIN and cannot see it or look it up. Do not share it over the phone, by e-mail, on social media, on Whatsapp (or other chat services) or any other way whatsoever. Make sure to shield your PIN code when you enter it into the on-board computer before you start your trip.

Never share your data with others

It goes without saying, but keep your login details to yourself. Never share them with someone else, not even close friends, neighbours or your partner. Even if you want to use one account together, you can do so securely, each with your own PIN code. If it turns out that you shared your login details with someone else, you will be held liable for all costs incurred and receive a fine.

Be careful with your OV chipkaart or Greenwheels card

Don't leave your OV chipkaart (public transport card) or Greenwheels card lying around. These cards are personal and may only be used by you, so alwaysstore them safely and keep them out of reach of others. If your card has been stolen or lost, block it in your account right away. 

Keep your verification codes to yourself

Greenwheels employees will never ask for your verification codes. If you are asked to provide your verification code in any way (for example by telephone or email), please do not hand this over to others! Contact our customer service immediately by telephone. They will help you to (re)secure your account, if necessary.

Use the latest version of the app

We update the Greenwheels app regularly, adding new features and fine-tuning our security measures. Make sure you are using the latest version of our app. Changing your settings in the App Store or Play Store to allow “automatic updates” is the best way to ensure that the app is always up to date.

Check your reservations and invoices regularly

When you are the contract driver, you can check and review your reservations in your account 24/7, including both your previous and upcoming reservations. There you'll also find a list of bookings, which will be attributed to the invoices we send you twice a month. These invoices can also be found in your account. Check your invoice as soon as possible, verifying that the information is correct and that you indeed made all those bookings. It is important to do this as soon as possible, because it means we can intervene quickly if potential suspicious activities come up.

What to do in case of trouble


Think you might have fallen victim to a scam or fraud? Did you receive an email with a new PIN, even though you didn't request one? Did someone other than you log into your account on another device? Did you receive a message confirming a password change that you didn’t request? If any of the above happens to you, here’s what to do:


1 - Check whether you still have access to your account 

If you do, change your password and PIN immediately.


If you don’t, send an e-mail to right away. In your message, please answer the following questions: When did you notice that you had (potentially) fallen victim to a scam? What message did you receive from Greenwheels and why don’t you trust it? Attach the “suspicious" message. Please also let us know your name, phone number and e-mail address. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure not to skip step 2!


2 - Check your reservations 

If all reservations were made by you (or drivers linked to your account), no further action is needed.


If you come across a reservation that wasn’t made by you, please call our customer service department immediately. We’ll help you resolve the issue. If you have become a victim of fraud or a scam, we ask that you report it to the police. We will need a copy of your police report to be able to assist you further.


Good to know: if you request a (new) Greenwheels card yourself, we’ll e-mail you the PIN as soon as the card is activated. No action is needed from your end upon receiving this e-mail.


Keeping things safe and secure


What do we do to keep your account safe and secure and prevent fraud? At Greenwheels, we continue to improve the security of your data and our systems. We have standard procedures for monitoring our systems, as outlined in our privacy policy.


Greenwheels will crack down on all forms of (cyber) crime. If we discover evidence of a crime, will report it to the police and we will pass on all costs incurred to the perpetrator. Online safety is a major priority for us, so we take immediate action whenever we come across signs of fraudulent activity. Your assistance and input are a great help and allow us to respond as quickly as possible. Together we can make streets more liveable and stay strong online.


No More Leaks


We have partnered up with Dutch national police and a large number of other companies with many online account holders as part of the "No More Leaks" initiative. Together, we are working to elevate our online security measures and combat or even eliminate misuse of stolen data. No More Leaks takes a preventive approach by trying to break criminal revenue models.