Electric driving with Greenwheels


When you take an electric car on the road, you have to deal with a charging cable that you have to disconnect and connect. In the videos below, we explain the steps for disconnecting and starting, and reconnecting and charging an electric shared car. (For information on fast charging on the go, click here).


Disconnecting and starting an electric Greenwheels

  1. Open the car with the app, Greenwheels card or your public transport chip card.


  2. Enter your pin code and take the key with the charge drop or card from the board computer.

  3. Hold the charge drop or card in front of the card reader on the charge point and remove the charge cable.

  4. Unlock the car again with the key and then pull the charging cable out of the car as well.

  5. Then close the charging lid and do not forget to put the charging cable in the back of the car.

  6. Please note that the car is an automatic. To drive off, put the car in D (drive).

  7. Have a nice trip!

Returning an electric Greenwheels

  1. When you are going to finish your journey, always put the car on the charger. This can also be done during a stopover, but it is not always possible or necessary.
  2. Take the charging cable from the boot and connect it to the car.
  3. Connect the charging cable to the charging station.
  4. Hold the charging drip or card in front of the card reader of the charging station to activate the charging process.
  5. When the light on the charge point turns blue, the car is charging.
  6. Finished charging? Put the key with the charging drop or card back in the board computer and close the car with the app, Greenwheels card or your OV-chipkaart.
  7. Are you making a stopover? Lock the car with the key.
  8. See you soon!



When you can drive less than 50 km on the battery, it's time to start (fast) charging. Watch our instructional video on fast charging here.


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