Additional costs


Driven too fast? Smoked in the car? Parked incorrectly? In these cases, and other situations as mentioned in the PDF, we charge additional costs. Also, if you incur a fine during your trip, we will pass this on to you.


For more information on when we charge these costs, see our rules and the Terms and Conditions.


Booking costs


Start rate/ base rate booking


To book via website or Greenwheels app


To book or change via customer service employee

€ 2 per booking




Standard deductible

€ 500

Lower standard deductible from € 500 to € 75

€ 3,99


More on your deductible and how to lower you own risk


Administrative costs


Processing traffic fine or payment reminder

€ 12,50

Loss of Greenwheels card

€ 5

Blocked bank payment

Bank costs + € 12,50

Invoice per email or Greenwheels account





Duping another user by violating our Terms & Conditions (i.e. article 20)

€ 25

Returning a car with insufficient petrol/diesel (less than 25% of tank contains fuel)

€ 25

Returning an electric car without charging

€ 50

Car light left on

€ 50

Service trip to vehicle due to violation of Terms & Conditions

€ 50 /hr (min. 1 hr)

Salvage company deployment (“tow truck”)

€ 250

Returning the car too late

€ 50

Windows not properly closed / left open

€ 50

Car not returned to its own, designated parking location

€ 75

Car left untidy

€ 75

Car not clean / left untidy due to pets

€ 75

Smoking inside car

€ 100

Lost tank card or charging pass

€ 50

Lost car key

€ 500

Lost/broken charging cable

€ 500

Misuse of tank card or charging pass

€ 1.000 (+ police report)

Wrong fuel

€ 1.000

Unauthorized (additional) driver

€ 1.000

Gross negligence / misconduct

€ 1.000




All mentioned costs and prices include 21% VAT. With the exception of the Lower standard deductible for Business users which is excluding VAT.