Deelauto instappen op reis jonge vrouw

Rent a car with ease

Rent a car throughout the Netherlands with Greenwheels. At the time and location that suits you. Everything taken care of, affordable and without hassle.


Over 1.850 cars at your disposal throughout the Netherlands

Check which cars are near you. On the street and at 110 train stations.

How to rent a shared car


You can drive one of our shared cars whenever you want. There's always one nearby. Without the hassle of a car-rental company. Use the Greenwheels app to book, unlock and lock the car again in no time at all.

1) Register for free

Register with Greenwheels for free.

You'll be able to book a car, unlock it and drive away within half an hour.

2) Unlock the car and drive away

Use the app or the website to book your car. 

Use the app to unlock the Greenwheels car. Take the board computer out of the glove box and enter your PIN code. Take the key from the on-board computer and start the car.

3) Parking and locking

Once your journey is over, take the car back to the original parking space. You don't need to pay any parking charges, as each car has its own parking space.



Man in regen op telefoon naast rode Greenwheels deelauto

Renting a car with the Greenwheels app

Renting a car when it suits you? Find one, book it and unlock it with the Greenwheels app.


The ease of renting a car nearby

Use one of our familiar city cars, electric cars, estate cars and vans. For rental on the street and at over 110 train stations throughout the Netherlands.


Greenwheels has thought of everything for you. From maintenance to insurance.

Save yourself the hassle of a car-rental company, queues at the desk and countless forms. And we don't ask you to fill up the tank again. Handy, right?

Gezin met kinderen gaat dagje weg met rode Greenwheels deelauto

What is the difference between car rental and car sharing? 


Car sharing isn't actually all that different from car rental. With a shared car, you're sharing a nearby car with other people. But without the hassle of a car-rental company and with the flexibility of car sharing. Whenever it suits you and without going far.