To drive or not to drive


At Greenwheels you are behind the wheel: literally and figuratively. That’s why we offer you maximum flexibility around driving and booking. So you have the convenience of your own car, but not the expense or the hassle. Cancelling your trip if you no longer need a car is a big part of that.


There’s a Dutch saying: “nothing’s more changeable than man” (loosely translated). With your own car you continue to pay for all those hours you car stands idly by the side of the road. With Greenwheels car sharing you can book, drive and only pay when you actually use the car. And… you can always cancel a trip.


Have you made a booking, and realise you don't need a car (anymore)? You can cancel a booking free of charge until the start time of your booking with our Regular and Frequent rate. With the Occasional rate you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. With Zzp Go and Business Go this is up to 4 hours in advance. After that, cancellation or shortening is no longer possible and you pay for the time that you have booked the car.


Book a car

Deelauto Greenwheels in groene omgeving auto delen

How to cancel a trip?

You cancel or change your booking via our website or the Greenwheels app.

To do this, open the app, click on the relevant booking and choose 'cancel'.

Or log on to the website, go to your dashboard, click on the relevant booking and choose 'cancel reservation'.

Please note: if you extend, change or cancel your trip by contracting our customer service, we charge you a service fee.



This functionality will be available from August 1, 2022, depending on your chosen rate. Until August 1, 2022 you can cancel your reservation up to one hour in advance.