At Greenwheels we charge a one-time deposit of € 100* when you sign up. The deposit ensures that the things we share are handled properly.


Deposit, also known as collateral, is money that you pay and then get back, provided nothing has happened to - in this case - the Greenwheels car.


You can pay the deposit at Greenwheels in two ways:

  • via iDeal payment
  • with credit card

When using payment via credit card, you do not pay the deposit, but a reservation of € 100* will be made on your credit card. When paying with iDeal or direct debit, this amount will be debited from your account after registration and you will receive this back no later than 8 weeks after termination of the contract with Greenwheels.


* For new signups for the private and freelance (zzp) rates in the period from 1/9/2021 to 1/1/2025 we apply a reduced deposit of € 100. Signups during this period will retain the lower deposit. The regular deposit amount is € 225. We charge a deposit of € 250 for the Business Go and Business Pro rates.

Frequently asked questions about deposit