How to check & report damages


All Greenwheels drivers must check the car for damages before use (follow the steps in the app). 


If there are unreported damages, and if damage to the paintwork is larger than a credit card, add it as a new damage in the Greenwheels app or call us to report the new damage before starting your trip. If you have damaged the car or noticed damage during use, always report the damage using the app or by contacting Customer Service. If you require roadside assistance, call Customer Service for support. Always ensure your own safety first. 


Reporting damages in the app                  

  1. Before you start driving, always check the car for any new damages. 
  2. Start your trip in the app and check which damages have already been reported, indicated by the orange circles. 
  3. If you see new damage that has not been reported, Press ‘Report damage’ and indicate the location of the new damage. Follow the steps in the app. 
  4. If it isn’t safe to drive with these damages, or if another party is involved, contact us first. 
  5. Thank you for reporting the damage! Together, we can keep our cars safe! 


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FAQ about car damage

What insurance are you covered by with Greenwheels?

Every car is insured, including Personal Accident Insurance ('Ongevallen-inzittendenverzekering').


This means that harm is covered for both the driver/passengers and third parties. Any possessions you take with you in the car are not covered by this insurance. Greenwheels can't be held liable for theft of or damage to these possessions either.


There's a fixed excess for damage to the Greenwheels car, which you can reduce for each journey.  In the event of damage during your ride, the deductible per claim is € 350 as standard. You have the option to lower your deductible to € 75 for € 4 per reservation. You can do this in your account. For older contracts, an excess of € 225 applies.

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