If the tank or car battery is only a quarter full, then you need to refuel or charge. You don't have to pay separately for refuelling or charging. This is included in the mileage rate. Always make sure you do not return a car with a tank less than a quarter full.


Fuel and charging costs

The mileage rate includes the cost of refuelling and charging electric cars. So refuelling won't cost you a cent. Every car comes with a fuel pass or a charging pass. You can use it to pay when you refuel.


How to fuel a Greenwheels car


Greenwheels cars are petrol-powered. The Caddy van is the only diesel-powered car. Always check the mileage on the odometer before refuelling. You have to enter the mileage when paying.


  1. Turn off the engine and take the on-board computer from the glove compartment and select option [2]: 'tanken'. Remove the fuel card from the on-board computer.
  2. The PIN code for the fuel card & the car's fuel type will now appear on the screen. All our cars run on petrol (E10), only our Caddy van runs on diesel (B7). You can also find the pin code under 'Refuelling' in the app menu when you have an ongoing booking.
  3. Use the key to open the fuel tank cap. The refuelling instructions can be found on the cap.
  4. You will need the pin code and the mileage to pay. Return the fuel pass to the trip computer after paying. 

Fine if you don't refuel of charge the car

Remember to check that the tank is at least a quarter full when you return the car. If you drop off the car with an empty tank, we will charge you €25. 



Charging electric shared cars


Follow these steps for charging an electric car:                          

  1. Find the charging card in the trip computer (or use the key fob that is connected to the car key);
  2. Take the charching cable out of the boot;
  3. Open the charging port on the side of the car and insert the connector;
  4. Connect the other end of the charging cable to the charging station;
  5. Follow the instructions on the charging station to activate charging with your charging card;
  6. Check whether the car is charging. The charging station will change colour, as indicated on the charging station. Immediately after activation, a screen will be displayed on the car's dashboard indicating the charging time and displaying a green connector.