Hit the road with your Greenwheels driving credit!


You received a voucher with driving credit from Greenwheels. Take one of our cars for a test drive or make travel arrangements with a shared car at no or little cost to you.


How to claim this credit?

Add the code that comes with this driving credit to your personal Greenwheels account. The credit will be settled with your next trip. You can use this for both kilometers and time, unless your voucher indicates otherwise.

1) Not a member? Join the club!

Not yet a member of Greenwheels? Sign up first (it's free!).

2) Claim your credit

Claim your driving credit in your profile via the Greenwheels app or via the website: menu at the top right > "add a voucher". It is pretty self-explanatory!

3) Book and drive a car

Reserve your Greenwheels car whenever and wherever you want. The amount off your voucher will automatically be deducted from your next invoice.

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- You may claim the voucher up to and including the date communicated on/with the voucher.


- The credit can be used up to 3 months after claiming, after which the value expires.


- The credit can only be redeemed if you have a Greenwheels account.


- The credit is valid for all car types and on both kilometer and time costs, unless indicated otherwise.


- The driving credit applies to future reservations, it will then be automatically deducted from the invoice.


- Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.


- Any (attempted) fraud or other unauthorized act will be registered and will end the validity of the voucher.