The 8 most ecofriendly beach bars for your next beach day


Heading out for a day to 'sun-shine' at one of the many beach bars throughout the Dutch coastline? Make sure to choose one of these eco spots on the beach along the North Sea. The beach pavilions mentioned all have a Greenkey certificate or a Gaia Green Award (or both!) and are guaranteed to be ecofriendly, as we wouldn’t want it any other way.


From the northern tip of the Netherlands to Zeeland province in the South, with a hop-skip to the Wadden Islands, you will find these trendy hotspots to spend a day with your feet in the sand near and far. Don't wait for the perfect day, book you Greenwheels for your next beach visit!

Pad door duinen

1 - Strandpaviljoen Sjoerd, Nes

This A-location on the Ameland beach (part of the Wadden Islands) chooses honest products as ingredients for the most delicious Mediterranean dishes, street food and classic Dutch snacks. But that’s definitely not the only reason why they have the gold quality mark, because Sjoerd also chooses biodegradable packaging, LED lights and solar panels to get their electricity.

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2 - Deining, Castricum


The place for a unique beach experience, as the owner's motto is 'Where the land ends, life begins'. Get your (beach) life off to a good start at Deining. Deining was built in accordance with nature: circular furniture, calm tones like the dunes and the sea, and is accessible all year round.


Locals tip: Walk through the dunes to Hof van Kijk-uit, a unique place to rest where the ingredients mostly come from their own vegetable garden. Or combine your beach day with a trip to Alkmaar, a lovely little picturesque Dutch city famous for its cheese.


3 - Timboektoe, Velsen-Noord


We're going to Timboektoe (Timbuktu)! You don’t have to travel far for this destination, though it is still quite hard to reach via public transport. Fortunately, there is a Greenwheels to reach this beach club. The Noordpier at Wijk aan Zee is known as a unique surfing spot. "This is the nicest beach bar in the Netherlands", Timboektoe’s employees say. You can be the judge of that, after you’ve chosen from the menu with all food being sustainable, organic and local.

Hond Op Strand

4 - Strandpaviljoen Beach Inn, IJmuiden

The Zuid-Kennemerland National Park can be found between Zandvoort and IJmuiden. There lies Strandpaviljoen Beach Inn, called 'a doggie paradise' by connoisseurs. You’ll be served fair trade and organic products. The Beach Inn team is extra economical with water, the kitchen runs 100% on electricity and the Green Egg is, well, already green in itself.


TIP: Did you know that you can take your dog with you in a Greenwheels? Always make sure that your four-legged friend is on a rug during your trip, so that the next user also finds the car clean.

5 - Vrijstaat Nederzandt, Noordwijk


Vrijstaat Nederzandt (‘Free State Nederzandt’) is located between Noordwijk and Zandvoort on the coast of the Zuid-Holland province. It’s a unique location for a casual day out. Surprises are guaranteed from the kitchen with pure products from local fields. Every season there’s a different menu and flavour palate. The chef will be happy to tell you all about it. The motto: 'zero waste and sustainable'.


6 - The Shore, Scheveningen


There's no need to travel to L.A. or Hawaii to surf. The North Sea offers plenty of options. And surfers at heart is what they are at The Shore. It means the crew doesn’t take their beloved sea for granted, as that is no longer guaranteed these days. This beach bar is therefore a "a living room on the beach for surfers, nature lovers and people who like to live honestly and consciously".


Locals tip: Scheveningen is absolutely no. 1 when it comes to ecofriendly beach bars in The Netherlands. You can easily do a green beach bar tour here.

Picknick Op Strand

7 - Beachclub BIRDS, Kijkduin

Beachclub BIRDS wants you to curl up in one of its seats like it’s your new cozy nesting place. The crew is working hard to build on the sustainable character of this beach bar. Their water source? The surrounding dunes! Plus for every liter of water consumed, 1,000 liters of clean drinking water is donated to a third world country. The beers on the menu include those of the Bird Brewery, and for every liter of beer a tree is planted somewhere. Flying in for a bite? You’ll be served food from nearby, and always organic. Simply im-peck-able (bird jokes, so hawkward).

8 - Zandpaviljoen Pier 7, Vlissingen


Anyone who has ever been to Vlissingen will probably know the long boulevard with the unique wind organ on one side and the statue of famous Dutch sailor Michiel de Ruyter on the other. Somewhere in the middle you end up at Pier 7. Walk down the stairs to the beach where you can enjoy a wide range of vegan dishes.


Locals tip: Iguana Reptielenzoo for those who are fascinated by reptiles. And as they say: if you’ve been to Zeeland once, you’ll always come back.

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