Going abroad with Greenwheels


Fancy vacationing by car, but not in the Netherlands? Covid-19 may have thrown a spanner in the works, but we adapted and went on trips in the Netherlands. That is still a great idea, but we understand that you feel like going beyond our country's borders for a change. And yes, you can definitely do that with a Greenwheels shared car. Think of a weekend trip to Belgium or Germany as well as a few weeks at a campsite in France or Spain.


Good to know: you can rent a car with us and travel within Europe without any problems. Outside Europe is also possible in certain cases, please contact our customer service.


Special rates for longer rental


At Greenwheels you can easily reserve a car for a longer period. Want to visit friends or family in the UK or France? We have our special Langer Weg rates for this. These are rates with which you can rent a Greenwheels car for a day, a long weekend, a week or even several weeks. This way you are flexible in where you go and mindful of your holiday expenses.


Driving with a shared car abroad


If you go abroad with one of our shared cars, it is good to take a number of things into account:

Greenwheels benzine tanken up! Euro 95

Refueling abroad

Traveling abroad also means refueling abroad. You cannot use your Greenwheels fuel card – the one that you use within our country’s borders – to get a full tank outside of the Netherlands. In this case, you can simply refuel yourself as you would do with your own car and declare the fuel receipt(s) in your profile upon arrival at home. To do this, click  'Customer service' and upload the document with a short description of the fuel costs. We will settle the fuel costs with your next invoice.

Environmental / Eco-zones


Environmental zones or eco-zones have been set up in some countries and cities. There you’ll need a vignette or a special sticker to indicate your car is good to go. Greenwheels cars are not equipped with these stickers. Therefore, it’s good to get clear on the rules that apply at the destination of your choice and potentially of the countries you drive through along the way. Some environmental stickers are sent by post and this can take up to a week, so make a timely application. The exception is the Belgian city of Ghent. You need our help to apply for the environmental sticker for this city. That’s not you, that’s the municipality of Ghent being a bit… different 😉 Contact customer service for this.


TIP: The ANWB has a very complete and up-to-date overview of the traffic rules per country: ANWB Landeninformatie (in Dutch).

Greenwheels VW Variant im Blumenfeld Deutschland Auto unterwegs auto mieten

Covid-19 measures abroad

Even though traveling abroad is possible again, there are still rules associated with Covid-19. Be mindful of the fact that that situation per region and country can change every day. We recommend that you keep a close eye on the information for your destination – and any transit countries. This can be done via Nederlandwereldwijd.nl, a government website, available in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.



All our cars are equipped with a 12V connection. Want to use the navigation or Google Maps on your phone? Then rent one of the Greenwheels with a phone holder and buy a 12V charger with USB output. It’ll make sure your battery isn’t dead after an hour or two and you can drive your planned route hands-free.

Autovakantie in Frankrijk Franse stad Franse straatjes stel op zomervakantie

Insurance and deductible

All Greenwheels cars are insured. And of course you are a star driver, but suppose the car gets damaged anyway. If we cannot recover the damage from the other party - for example if the damage is your fault - we will charge you the amount of the deductible. The deductible is standard €350 per claim. You have the option to lower your deductible to €75 for €4 per reservation.

If you are asked for proof of car insurance, also known as the green card, in the event of a collision abroad and the settlement of the damage, please contact us. We can send this information to the relevant insurer or the local police.

In case of breakdown


Of course you expect everything to run smoothly. The trip and the car. We indeed do regular maintenance checks on our cars, but a breakdown can always happen. If you find yourself in this situation abroad, we and the ANWB Wegenwacht (Dutch roadside assistance) are immediately ready for you. From abroad, call +31 10 411 31 21 (international rate, available 24-7).


Photo? #greenwheels


A bright shiny Greenwheels in the mountains or in a sun-drenched sloping Italian landscape? In front of a beautiful castle or in a picturesque French village? These images make us so happy! We always love to receive photos of our trips with our shared cars! Feel free to send us your photo or post it on social media using #greenwheels. We regularly share them on our social media channels.


We wish you a wonderful, happy and relaxed summertime!

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