We want to make and keep shared cars accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re updating our plans and rates and adding new features as of August 1, 2022.

Here’s a full overview of all our new plans and rates.


At Greenwheels, we understand that plans can change. Sometimes, you might book a shared car months in advance, while at other times you might pick, book and drive off in a car in a matter of minutes. Starting from August 1, we’ll be giving you even more flexibility. Depending on your plan, you’ll be able to:


  • Cancel reservations for free until the scheduled start time;
  • Shorten on-going reservations by up to 4 hours;
  • Take advantage of our new Long Trip rates, including a flexible Two-day rate. What’s more, we’ll automatically charge our Long Trip rates when it works out cheaper for you than the usual hourly rates.

Enjoy having a car nearby without the hassle and costs of owning your own.

New Self-Employed plans


With Greenwheels, business users already have access to ideal shared car solutions. Cars that are always there for you, wherever you are. Cars big and small. Business car sharing is not only extremely suitable for SMEs and Corporates, but also for self-employed professionals. We have always welcomed freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed professionals with open arms, but now we’ve gone the extra mile with two special plans for self-employed professionals; Self-employed Go and Self-employed Pro.

Find out more about our new Self-employed plans here.


Generals Terms & Conditions

In addition to updating our rates, we will also be adjusting our General T&Cs as of August 1, 2022 to bring them in line with how users use our cars. Click here for our new T&Cs.

  • We’ve updated the scope of the following articles:
    Article 20c and 20d have been added;
  • Article 20h, "with all equipment available to Greenwheels" has been added to the article;
  • Article 24, the option of shortening your reservation and the corresponding conditions have been added;
  • Article 25, the consequences of failing to return the car key, fuel card or charge card to the glove box after finishing your ride have been added;
  • Article 49, in this article, we’ve added how access to some app features depends on your plan (e.g. Occasional, Regular or Frequent);
  • Article 51d, we now explain how ‘best price’ works in this article. As of August 1, 2022, depending on your chosen plan, we’ll automatically charge Long Trips rates when this works out cheaper for you than the usual hourly rates.
  • Article 61m & 61n, we’ve tweaked the description of plans and rates in the glossary.