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Easily rent a shared car in Utrecht whenever you want using the Greenwheels app.


Hit the road with our shared cars in Utrecht whenever you want. Use a Greenwheels car without the inconvenience of going through a car rental company and without the hassle of maintenance. Easily open our shared cars in Utrecht with our Greenwheels car sharing app or your OV -chipkaart (public transportation card). Rates start at € 0 a month. Download the car sharing app and off you go!

Rent one of our 335+ shared cars in Utrecht

Over 335 cars are waiting for you in Utrecht. Book, open and lock a car with ease using our car sharing app.

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  • Hit the road within minutes with the Greenwheels car sharing app
  • Always a Greenwheels car to rent nearby
  • Pay per 15 minutes (plus kilometres)
  • Insurance, fuel, maintenance and roadside assistance included



Car hire: always nearby with carsharing


Over 335 Greenwheels cars are waiting for you in Utrecht. Book, open and lock the car easy with the Greenwheels app. Hit the road on any day of the week, including Sundays, and all 365 days of the year.


Finding a car to rent in Utrecht can be a challenge. You can find Greenwheels cars all over the city of Utrecht. A shared car is never far away. That’s how Greenwheels car sharing makes renting a car in Utrecht quick and easy.


City centre of Utrecht

Looking to rent a car in the city centre of Utrecht? That’s where you can find most of our shared cars. Find and book cars in the areas of Neude, Janskerkhof, Domplein, Hoog Catharijne (central station) and Jaarbeurs. But also in the Museumkwartier, Universiteitskwartier and Maliekwartier neigbourhoods.


Utrecht Zuid and Zuidwest

Do you live in the Utrecht south or southwest region? We have over 335 shared cars in Utrecht, including Oud Hoograven, Tolsteeg, Nieuw Hoograven and Bookenbuurt and Lunetten (north and south). There are also over 20 Greenwheels cars in Kanaleneiland (north and south) and Transwijk.


Utrecht Noordwest

Want to start carsharing and do you live in Zuilen, North or South, near Julianapark, Prins Bernhardplein, Geuzenwijk, Ondoep or Pijlsweerd (North or South)? That’s where you can also find our Greenwheels shared cars.


Utrecht Oost

You can also find cars for rent in Utrecht East. Here you can find our cars on both sides (east and west) of the Waterlinieweg: Buiten Wittevrouwen, Wilhelminapark, Oudwijk, Schildersbuurt, Rijnsweerd, Galgenwaard and Utrecht Science Park.


Utrecht Noordoost

Need a ride? You can find shared cars on the northern side of the of the Kardinaal de Jongweg (Tuindorp and Voorveldse Polder) and the southern side (Staatsliedenbuurt, Vogelenbuurt, Tuinwijk, Wittevrouwen, Zeeheldenbuurt).


Utrecht West

Looking to rent a car in West? Find and book one of over 25 shared cars in the area, such as Lombok, Leidseweg, Schepenbuurt, Oog in Al, Welgelegen and Halve Maan.



Looking to rent a car outside of the city centre in Overvecht? Here you can also find our well-known red and white cars. That means that you don’t need to own a car when you live in Overvecht. You can find one in the areas of Taag- and Rubicondreef, Zamenhofdreef, Amazonedref, Tigris- and Bostondreef.


Leidsche Rijn

Did you know that you can also find our shared cars in Leidsche Rijn? You’ll see our cars in the areas Terwijde (De Wetering, West, East), Het Zand (West/East), Grauwaart, Hoge Weide, Leeuwesteyn, Parkwijk (North/South), Leidsche Rijn South/Rijnvliet and in the centre of Leidsche Rijn.


Rent a car near NS station Utrecht

In Utrecht you can also easily book a Greenwheels shared car near the NS train stations. You can find our shared cars near Utrecht Central Station, Utrecht Terwijde, Leidsche Rijn, Zuilen, Vleuten, Lunetten and Overvecht.

“I have been a fan of Greenwheels since 2007 and I wouldn’t want anything else. It’s great!”

1) Sign up for free

Choose a rate that works for you, starting at € 0 a month. After completing your signup, you can book a car immediately and hit the road.

2) Book and start your trip

Book and open your closest Greenwheels car via the app. Take the keys from the on-board computer in the dashboard and off you go!

3) Park and end your trip

Finished your trip? Then bring the car back to its designated location. Put the keys back in the on-board computer and lock the car with our app. That’s how easy it is!



Greenwheels witte Caddy op straat Utrecht fietser auto huren

Moving places with Greenwheels

Are you moving to or from Utrecht, but you don’t own a car? Or perhaps your car or your car is too small to fit all of your belongings? Then rent one of our five VW Caddy vans in Utrecht. You can easily rent a van with any of our rates.

Rent a car fast and easy in Utrecht with our app


Find, book and open a car with our Greenwheels app. Car sharing means driving a car in Utrecht whenever you want.



A car for an hour, a day or a weekend


You can rent a Greenwheels car in Utrecht starting at a minimum of just 15 minutes. A short trip to the supermarket or a day visiting friends? Just take a Greenwheels!

Rent a car in per 15 minutes

Need to pay a short visit to the dentist? You don’t need to own a car for it anymore. Simply pay for your Greenwheels per 15 minutes.

Car hire Utrecht for a day

Visiting your friends outside the city? Just rent a car for a day!

A car for the weekend or a whole week

Fancy a weekend or a week outside the busy Randstad? Check out the Veluwe or the Ardennes with a shared car for 48 hours or a week.


Greenwheels Utrecht autodelen autohuur

Car sharing in Utrecht: perfect alongside your bike and public transport


Getting around in the Netherlands is easy-peasy if you combine a bike, Dutch public transport with Greenwheels carsharing. Hit the road with our well-known red city cars, white electric cars, estate cars or vans. You can find them across the city of Utrecht (and all over the Netherlands!) on the streets and 170+ NS stations. Start car sharing in Utrecht today.



“Signed up years ago because a parking spot in the centre of Amsterdam is simply not an option. Great solution!”

Business car sharing

With Greenwheels, renting a car is just as easy for private customers as it is for business customers. For corporate car sharing, we have custom solutions. Choose car sharing at your office, a sustainable choice.

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