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Rent a shared car in Rotterdam

Easily rent one of our 235 cars in Rotterdam with the Greenwheels car sharing app.


Thinking of renting a car? Dowload the car sharing app! Hit the road with our shared cars in Rotterdam whenever you want. Use a Greenwheels car without the inconvenience of going through a car rental company and without the hassle of maintenance. Easily open our shared cars in Rotterdam with our Greenwheels app. Download the car sharing app today!

Rent one of our 235+ shared cars in Rotterdam

Over 235 cars are waiting for you in Rotterdam. Book, open and lock a car with ease using our car sharing app.

Rent one of our 235 shared cars in Rotterdam


Over 235 cars are waiting for you in The Rotterdam. Book, open and lock a car with ease using our Greenwheels app.

Auto delen Rotterdam deelauto openbaar vervoer Greenwheels

Rent a car: always nearby with car sharing

Finding a car to rent in ''Manhattan at the Maas'' and the busy port city of The Netherlands Rotterdam can be a challenge. A shared car is never far away with Greenwheels. Here’s how Greenwheels makes renting a car in Rotterdam fast, simple and hassle-free.

Centre of Rotterdam


Rent one of our over 30 shared cars in the Stadsdriehoek (City Triangle) of Rotterdam. You can find a Greenwheels shared car near Coolhaven, CS-kwartier, Dijkzigt, Nieuwe Werk, Scheepvaartkwartier and more.

Greenwheels deelauto geparkeerd auto huren in de stad

Rotterdam Oost

You can also find and rent cars in Rotterdam East, like Rubroek, Crooswijk (the old part and new), Kralingen, Kralingse Bos, De Esch, Struisenburg, but also the streets of ‘s-Gravenland, Kralingse Veer, Prinsenland, Het Lage Land, Ommoord, Zevenkamp, Oosterflank (near the shopping centre) and Nesselande.


Rotterdam Noord


Need a car in Rotterdam north? Find our shared cars in areas like the Agniesebuurt, Provenierswijk, Bergpolder, Blijdorp (near the zoo), Liskwartier, Oude Noorden (Old North part) and Blijdorpse polder, but also in the area Overschie.

Greenwheels auto vrouw naar werk

Rotterdam Zuid

There are over 30 shared cars for rent in Rotterdam South. Easily rent a car when you live or work in that area. You can find shared cars in the areas of Feyenoord, IJjsselmonde and Zuidplein. Think of Noordereiland, Vreewijk, Bloemhof, Hillesluis, Katendrecht, Lombardijen, and across Groot-IJsselmonde (Kreekhuizen, Hordijkerveld). But there are also shared cars in the areas of Zuiderpark, Carnisse, Oud-Charlois, Pendrecht, Beverwaard and Kop van Zuid.


Rotterdam Molenlaankwartier and Hillegersberg


On the northern side of the city centre, you can also find cars that you can rent in the areas of Schiebroek, Hillegersberg (North and South), but also 110-Morgen and the Kleiwegkwartier, Molenlaankwartier and in Oud and Nieuw Terbregge. There are 25 shared cars waiting for you in this part of the city!

Rotterdam Centraal Station Bovenaanzicht Verkeer

Rotterdam West

Want to rent a car in Rotterdam West? You can also find shared cars in the western part of the city. Find and book a car in the areas Delfshaven, Bospolder, Tussendijken, Spangen, Nieuwe Westen, Middelland, Oud-Mathenesse, Witte Dorp and Schiemond.


Rent a car near NS station Rotterdam


Book a Greenwheels shared car near the NS train stations in Rotterdam. You can find our shared cars near Rotterdam Central Station (both sides), but also near Rotterdam Alexander, Rotterdam Blaak, Rotterdam Lombardijen and Rotterdam Zuid.


Car sharing in Rotterdam


Hit the road with one of our shared cars whenever you want. Book weeks in advance or just a few minutes before heading out the door; there is always a Greenwheels car nearby. Car sharing is car rental – but without the hassle trouble of key collection, endless paperwork and extra miles you have to pay for at a car rental company. Easily book, open and lock a Greenwheels car with our car sharing app.

Our shared cars in Rotterdam


Whether you need a compact and affordable city car, a van or a more spacious estate car, you can make use of all car types with any chosen rate. That’s how you can choose the car that fits you best at any moment.

1) Sign up for free

Sign up for Greenwheels for free. Within 15 minuteshalf an hour, you’re read to book a car and hit the road.

2) Open the car and go

Book and open your car with the app. Take the on-board computer from the dashboard, fill in your pin code and take the keys. Off you go!

3) Return and end your trip

Finished your trip? Then bring the car back to its designated location. That’s where you also started your trip. You don’t need to pay parking costs if this location is in a paid parking zone.



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Rent a car fast and easy in Rotterdam with our app

Find, book and open a car with our Greenwheels app. Car sharing means driving a car in Rotterdam whenever you want.




A car for an hour, a day or a weekend


You can rent a Greenwheels car in Rotterdam starting at a minimum of just 15 minutes. A short trip to the supermarket or a day visiting friends? Just take a Greenwheels!

Per 15 minutes

Rent a car per 15 minutes

Need to pay a short visit to the dentist? You don’t need to own a car for it anymore. Simply pay for your Greenwheels per 15 minutes.

24 hours

Car hire Rotterdam for a day

Visiting your friends outside the city? Just rent a car for a day!


A car for the weekend or a whole week

Fancy a weekend or a week outside the busy Randstad? Check out the Veluwe or the Ardennes with a shared car for 48 hours or a week.


Rent a car that’s always nearby without the hassle


Easily rent a car in Rotterdam with Greenwheels. Book and open the car with our app and only pay for the hours used and the kilometres driven. Apart from that, you don’t have to think about anything: no queues, insurance, forms or returning the car with a full tank.

Greenwheels NS Business card auto openen zakelijk rijden deelauto kaarthouder achter raam

Car sharing in Rotterdam: perfect alongside your bike and public transport


Getting around in the Netherlands is easy-peasy if you combine a bike, Dutch public transport with Greenwheels carsharing. Hit the road with our well-known red city cars, white electric cars, estate cars or vans. You can find them across the city (and all over the Netherlands!) on the streets and 170+ NS stations.

Greenwheels auto straatbeeld dame bellen mobiel jonge vrouw zakelijk mobiliteit

Private and business car sharing

With Greenwheels, renting a car is just as easy for private customers as it is for business customers. For corporate car sharing, we have custom solutions. Choose car sharing at your office, a sustainable choice.

Our shared cars in Rotterdam


Whether you need a compact and affordable city car, a van or a more spacious estate car, you can make use of all car types with any chosen rate. That’s how you can choose the car that fits you best at any moment.

Greenwheels Volkswagen eGolf

Want to rent an electric car in Rotterdam?


That’s possible! There are multiple electric shared cars in Rotterdam that you can choose from. We have several options. For example, you can find a Volkswagen e-Golf near Eendrachtsplein in the city centre. Ideal if you would like to travel sustainably!


Easily book a car with our app

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