Electric driving with Greenwheels


Besides electric cars for businesses, you can now also find various electric shared cars on city streets. You can find our e-Golfs in Rotterdam and The Hague


They are easy to recognise. Just look for the white colour and the green circles, the livery with which it all started 25 years ago. With these electric cars, we contribute to cleaner air in cities. By sharing the car, you keep 11 cars off the city's streets, in addition to using a more cost-efficient car. 

Greenwheels en de NS openbaar vervoer

Volkswagen E-Golf, this is it!

Volkswagen's e-Golf is 100% electric and comes with various standard high-end options, such as a climate windscreen, park assist and touchscreen navigation. Greenwheels has chosen to expand the e-Golf with a larger battery, compared with the standard battery, to ensure that you still have the same range with these cars. The car's real range has now been increased to approx. 300 km.  

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Electric driving with Greenwheels: how it works


No worries, the booking process is exactly the same. When booking the car, the current charging status of the car will be displayed along with other relevant information. This may be useful information if you need to leave right away. 

It may take some getting used to however: how does the charging cable work and how do you charge the car? Another difference: electric cars are automatic cars. Did you know that these cars are also silent when you start the car or when driving?


To make your life as easy as possible, we walk you through the entire process in this video, from when you arrive at the car until you drop it off again.

Greenwheels PR Elektrisch

Where to find our E-Golfs

You can find our e-Golfs across the Netherlands for example near Rotterdam Centraal, Amsterdam Zuidas and in the Duinoord and Zeeheldenkwartier neighbourhoods in The Hague.

Together with the Dutch railways, we are working on offering customers the most sustainable journey possible, from door to door. That is why our cars are parked near the train station as for example in Rotterdam. Use the filters on the booking page to see which electric cars are available. 

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These are the rates for the E-Golf

Like all Greenwheels cars, the e-Golf has its own rate. We also have affordable special rates for longer periods. Check the cost of our current tariffs here.  


This means you pay a little more per hour than for the other car types, but you pay a lot less for the mileage. An average trip of 30 km, based on a 2-hour booking, will cost €19.60 if you have a 'Premium' subscription. 

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Future of electric shared cars from Greenwheels

In 2018, we started making the transition to electric shared cars. After gaining experience in the business market, where we already have hundreds electric Greenwheels cars on Dutch roads, we now want to extend our electric shared car offering to the public at large. We will do this in a phased manner. Our aim is to learn about car sharing with electric cars, along with you, and to see where and when the need for more electric cars becomes apparent. Moreover, it's vital that you still can find a car for any occasion. Which is why we will continue to offer many types of cars .  

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